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09-24-2007, 12:46 AM
I have decided that I need to learn to fly in MMO games. I have tried learning serveral times before but gave up in frustration after 30 minutes of constantly crashing. Right now I would settle for learning to fly the choppers in BF2.

I have a Logitech Attack 3 joystick. What I would like is someone's BF2 helicopter joystick button setup information for helilcopters. My main problem is always rolling to the left and then crashing. But I pretty much suck once I have the chopper 3 feet of the ground. I need for the joystick to be set to pull back to pull up and push forward to go down.

Can you dampen the severity on change on a joystick?


Ripper1302 (one really bad flyer)

09-24-2007, 01:18 AM
Make sure that your joystick is in a neutral position when the game fires up.

I set both the paddle and a button for power (I switch back and forth). Twist the stick for left and right to turn. Push forward to nose down and pull back to nose up. Tilt right to bank right, etc.

Beyond that, you should create your own server and practice, practice, practice.

I used to spend hours flying helicopters in BF1942 Desert Combat. I don't care for the feel of the helicopters in BF2, but it's all the same.


09-24-2007, 02:14 AM
Helicopters have more controls than planes. You have to tilt forward to go forward. So forward on the joystick should tilt you forward.

I would set the 'throttle' wheel at the back of your joystick to control up and down. Usually add power makes you climb and drop power makes you fall. If you want to stop moving forward simply pull back on the stick a little and get a nose up attitude you will continue to slow until you start to move backwards.

You have to get used to the throttle being super important to flying the helicopter. Simply adjust the power to maintain whatever altitude you want and use the stick to control the 'attitude' of the helo.

The other thing to consider is rudder. If it is a complicated sim you may need to use ritter to keep yourself from spinning. It's a gyro affect from the main rotor blades rotation. I don't know if your joystick has a twist in the stick you can program to act as the rudder but that is what I would do. If not you need to figure out which 2 buttons to use for left/right rudder.

So, the stick controls the direction you move in. The rudder controls the direction you are facing and the throttle controls your altitude.

Probably the biggest thing is to learn to fly low and slow. Give just enough throttle to leave the ground and dont touch anything but the throttle. Get about 3 feet in the air and stable then use the rudder to control spinning each way until you get a feel for keeping it pointed in the direction you want. Then give it just a very little bit of forward tilt and let the stick come back to neutral. you will glide forward a ways and then slow back to a hover. Just keep playing with flying slow and moving slow until you can put it where you want. Then practice landing on roofs or other places that are tight to get into.

The idea is to get good at the technical flying and the combat flying in the open sky is a lot easier.

The single biggest thing to keep in mind is make very small moves on the joystick until you get used to how the helo reacts to your inputs. Most crashes are caused by way too much input from the pilot getting the helo going way too fast in a really bad attitude and then oversteering to correct until they crash. The helo wont react super fast to your inputs thats why you have to learn to fly it slow and move up to getting faster. you will start to think a few steps ahead and be pulling back on the stick to slow down or dropping power to land a lot sooner than you are doing it now.

Like Cleve said. Make a server and practice. Low and slow and you will get it.

09-24-2007, 04:26 PM
One thing to practice heavy with a heli is the proper way to flair. If you are going fast and want to stop quickly a good technique is the flair. You pull back on the cyclic which generally causes you to increase altitude, to compensate for this you need to drop the collective simultaneously. This will usually keep you at the same altitude untill you have reduced your airspeed at which time you need to bring back the collective to maintain the altitude you have. (Really important if you are close to the ground).

This as usually how the more experienced guys will land, using a combination of pulling back on the cyclic and reducing collective/throttle....Then levelling out and slowly dropping the collective until they are on the ground.

Good luck Ripper.

09-24-2007, 06:02 PM

First find an empty public server set for wake island to practice on. If your not putting any input into the controls and your turning one way or another u need to reset ur controls as they should be neutral.

I use the throttle control as throttle obviously. Left rolls left right rolls right ...twisting right turns wheels right twisting joystick left makes wheels turn left unless ur going in reveres then its backwards O.o..forward goes down back goes up. /shrug. Practice makes perfect. Try the china jets first as the US are VSTOL aircraft and are a bit tricky to learn at first.

09-24-2007, 08:41 PM
hit me up some time, and I will join you on a server. it's better when you have a target to practice on.