In DP, we operate a zero tolerance policy on our game servers. If we feel that someone is using hacks on our servers or modifications that give them an unfair advantage, we will ban without question.

If you breach any of the rules including those not related to hacking but more to general stupidity, then we will also ban. Sometimes this will be a Temp ban, sometimes this will be a Permaban.

We will, where necessary, advise in advance that you are to be banned and where to come to discuss the banning. You will need to register an account in order to post.

If you have been banned from one of our game servers and you feel the banning is unjust, please post your comments in this forum.

We will not tolerate the following:
  • Abusive rants about the admins on the server
  • Abusive comments about how we run our server
  • General asshat attitudes with regards to how we are going to handle your ban
  • Abusive comments to individual members of The Dead Presidents or the guild as a whole
If any of the above are posted, then the ban will be maintained and your account on these forums including your current IP address will also be banned.

State when you were banned and what you believe led to your banning. Someone will reply to your post as soon as it is seen to let you know we are aware of it.

From there, an administrator of the specific game server or indeed the administrator who banned you will then respond providing their opinion on the banning. They will have studied screenshots and logs.

They have the right to unban or maintain the ban without requirement to discuss it with anyone else in the guild unless it was someone else who banned you.

We strive to have an asshat free gaming environment where people can kick back and enjoy gaming and will ensure as much as can that a fun environment is maintained.

If a ban has been applied that was unjust, an apology will be provided accordingly.