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You keep coming back to claim your kick/ban was out of spite. I was not there and I cannot say with certainty just how everything went down. However, I do believe the admin **AND** the game commander spoke up as to what the situation was and explained it quite nicely. Now I understand fully that being kicked for some odd reason you're not sure of at the time can be frustrating and you want to lash out at anyone to make it all feel better. It hurts more to be kicked when you're on a roll or just lucky enough to be wiping the floor with the competition. The first gut reaction is "Hell, I'm sooooo good...wtf? banned? those SOBs!!"

Besides cleaning out hackers and having fun with folks, like turning them into cows on CODUO (good times!) or setting them on fire at the end of a round (hillarious!) we also detest drama and those who cause it. We are all 18+, have real jobs and put up with all kinds of bullshit drama at work. When we're home, and home with our clan playing a game, our tolerance and willingness to accept drama from drama queens is at zero. Hell, its sub-zero. Drama detracts from some people's fun.

I have to say that I am probably the heaviest handed of player banning admins to roam a server. You start drama, I will mess with you (turn into cow, set on fire, team switch you, etc etc) and be kind enough to tell you to knock it off. However other times I'll just outright ban you because punishing some people just makes them whine more and others see this and join in and soon its just a server of people typing insults and there is zero gameplay. Can you see why just outright banning someone with minimal drama works out just fine?

You can't just don't let go of the accusations (quote: But I've never been kicked out of spite.). Life sucks and if you hang onto every little piss-ant bad thing that happens you'll die early, just like if you took up jogging and healthy foods. :) We were kicked off a great server because the admins wanted the **5** (<-- odd number) to split up evenly on the two teams. When mentioning there were 5 of us, they guild banned us. Guess he didn't like his math messed with.

We will treat you fairly here and I think you have seen this from our posts and reaction to you. So what do you say we start with a clean slate for you? Hang out, enjoy the fun we have to offer and see if you like it here.
well spoken, I did post this post like 10 seconds after the banning. so I was a bit frustrated, The member whom banned me apologized publicly and PM. Takes a real man to do that kind of stuff. have lots of respect for that kind of stuff as well. I might jump back on for a bit later on