Originally posted by Sparhawk on AUG 16, 2005

Ok, Digital Cameras are starting to be able to create immensly HIGH resolution images up to 3488x2592 and higher.

These are wonderful if you have a 60"Plasma screen :) However Even for me who has a 22" Monitor, they are way too big when posted directly onto the forum.

Imagine what it's like for someone with a smaller monitor

So it's always much more preferable to post an image of 800x600 or at the most 1024x768 maximum. At least people don't have to scroll for 5 minutes up and down :)

So an Image editor is required. Here's where Irfanview comes into it. It's completely free and free from spyware (well the last time I got it it was)

Irfanview allows manipulation of images in a number of ways. It's not a full blown image editor but a cut down useful little program for adding making a few changes to images. Most importantly - RESIZING :)

You can even do Batch conversion. Make a copy of the files (so you can keep the really high res ones), grab all of the files you copied and drag them into Irfanview, tell Irfanview to resize to a smaller resolution and off you go.

It's here >>> http://www.irfanview.com/