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    Default Re: Quakecon 2009 Update 7-23-09

    Wow guys. Two possible DP winners of the new car. I will be online after 7:00 (9:00 Dallas time) to see if we have winner. If a DP wins someone post it immediately.


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    Default Re: Quakecon 2009 Update 7-23-09

    How cool is that? DP's have a 1 in 50 chance for a free badass car! Good luck guys!

    No matter what you have to love id. Quakecon is free with all kinds of free schwag and gifts. Now Blizzard has the biggest game in history and made Billions of dollars off it and they charge about $150 to go to Blizzcon. Just goes to show how cool Carmack and his crew really are! Hopefully the new owners will keep up the tradition.

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    Default Re: Quakecon 2009 Update 7-23-09

    Ok, so do you need the psu? I could use one.

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    Default Re: Quakecon 2009 Update 7-23-09

    Thanks Guys! Unfortunatley we did not win... And the first name they called was not present OMG.
    Actually my nephew was called for a ticket as well but the nub left it at home, he was sick.
    Guys Renagade made us proud winning that grand sheesh, and it wasn't like he played a noob
    in the mini tournament he put the "A" in ass whooping. Another great year at QC, 7000 registrations
    thats strong. Yes Monroe you are absolutley correct. iD, Ventrillo (donated both cars 08 and in 09),
    Intel, AMD/ATI, Dell, Cyberpower, Patriot, Kingston, Antec, Skullskills(sp), Coolermaster, Steel Series,
    nVidia on and on help make this party great! and like you said its free! iD (Zenimax) is and
    awesome company and thier people love them, we see the same people every year working thier
    butts off to put event this on. I have hopes the merger will only add to the already largest and
    greatest LAN party in the world!

    Also lets not forget one of our own takes 1 week vacation every year to go volunteer and set up
    the BYOC > Defender, Thanks Defender!

    Wofenstien single player had some of the same feel as the origianal and the graphics
    were better (updated Quake 4 engine?) it played well. Some of the new functions like the
    "Veil" little on the fence about, it did add some unique story and visual affects. There are
    already lots of write ups since this weekend so I'll save my mad typing skills for some other
    review. I will probably pick it up.

    The game iD previewed yesterday is RAGE this is the game I have been following since last year
    and eagerly anticipating, Check it out...

    24 T-shirts later I am home and looking forward to next 2010, I always have a great time! And
    sorry we did not post this year as much we had some awful problems with the internet (Steam
    users argh!) and my machine would not stay on the LAN. I will get some pics up later this week.
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    Default Re: Quakecon 2009 Update 7-23-09

    I sum it up, YOU FUCKERS

    only cause me jealous

    so again YOU FUCKERS!!!

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    Default Re: Quakecon 2009 Update 7-23-09

    Quote Originally Posted by adams View Post
    i Sum It Up, You Fuckers

    Only Cause Me Jealous

    So Again You Fuckers!!!

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