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    Wanted to tell all of you a story.

    I play neverwinter, no not nwn, which i do actually paly but perfect worlds neverwinter. I got banned. I got hacked. I got hacked then banned.

    Heres where its more interesting.

    hengmang225@yahoo.com, that is the hackers email.

    i know this as it was tied to my account after i got a warning that someone tried to log into the account. i then changed all my passwords, for pretty much everything since after the WOW fiasco i got paranoid. then i come home after a long day at work, thining i thwarted this hengmang225@yahoo.com, but low and behold, i got banned from neverwinter.

    It may be because i reported the email to yahoo, and maybe they shut him down. BUT, i had already changed my pw for all this stuff this am so maybe they banned the account on what hengmang225@yahoo.com did before i changed everything, BUT again, i caught it this AM and actually was fine, until i reported him to yahoo support and changed shit around.

    so, my loving security and gaming friends i ask this.

    is there any way we can retaliate against this hengmang225@yahoo.com(providing he isnt alread shut down) and maybe we can make his fucking life a living hell?

    and for the record.

    MSE, no viruses.
    spybot, no malware
    also using spywareblaster.

    So i really dont know if they banned me because of earlier transgressions but when i went to recover the account they, A wouldnt let me log in, and B, it showed on the for it autofilled that hengmang225@yahoo.com was still my email.

    so, either my yahoo email is FUBAR, or my pwi account is FUBAR. or i have a, quite literally, undetectable keylogger that is only keyed to neverwiinter which i find would be idiotic for a free to play game, and not say, for my bank accounts.

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