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    Default Re: Potential new Build, thoughts?

    New Link:

    Ok, to answer your questions. I plan on cooling with liquid on the CPU. total wattage comes out to 611 watts.

    I changed the case and decided to go ahead and go with the EATX board.

    the big thing on the maxwell cards (GTX 970 and 980) is how low usage they are on power pull and heat. So I'm not too concerned there.

    I will use the Phanteks Envoo Luxe case and will put the radiator on the top.

    I also changed to WD, I've always used WD anyway, so just changed that out. Also changed the SSD to the 500GB Samsung 850 Evo.

    I will overclock but not a huge amount.

    I rarely do a new build anymore, so my goal was to get one with the newest chipset and processor I could, this should hold up for me for many years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Defender2803 View Post
    Are you planning on overclocking? The K processors are for overclocking. I haven't had a need for one in some time as I got out of that phase a while back. :) The 4790 is a faster clock speed but less cores. Save dough and wattage.


    Where are you going to mount your CPU cooler? The wattage of your cards and CPU are more than my old i7-920 and 5970 card. Air flow is going to be the question. Radiators restrict airflow as much as they cool. I am more of an air cooling guy but my H50 cooled the 920 with ease...even when over clocked. While everything else was Arctic cooling or Noctua. However...with mine I added a fan to the H50 for push pull config and turned them around (original instructions was to push air out). The case pulled air in from everywhere...including radiator at the back... and blew it out the top. A larger radiator would have moved where my air came in and where it went out. The 5970 was 300W and made the surface of the sun look tame. I replaced stock cooler for it...but added fans to pull air away from it.

    From what I see you will mount the radiator in the front and pull air in through it...fans on top to drag out all the heat. A single sized radiator and a 4790 CPU will do the same thing but you have options for mounting. Also length and plumbing of your tubes will be a question.
    Always remember that heat rises. Mounting rads to the top always bugged me. :|

    Other notes:
    Seagate....icky icky poo poo. WD rulez. Personal preference.
    I am not a big fan of Corsair fans. They are usually much louder than their ratings. They do have good airflow...but get noisy.

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    Default Re: Potential new Build, thoughts?

    I've got an SSD and a couple of 3TB WD Red drives. One is dedicated for backups.

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